Kenyon College Alumni Council

Dear Kenyon Alumni,

I am grateful for all Kenyon has given me in my life – the world-class education, the beautiful friendships and a deep sense of extended community. In my conversations with alumni across the country and across generations, I know that this feeling is shared by many of the 18,000 members of our Kenyon alumni community.

As members of Alumni Council, we celebrate this sense of connection and gratitude by fulfilling our mission to connect alumni to the college and one another. We are a diverse group with graduates spanning seven decades with many different perspectives developed through our array of experiences on the hill. As your representatives, the Alumni Council takes great pride in serving as your voice in advising the administration and students in ways to grow and strengthen Kenyon.

Please take a few minutes to meet your members of Council. Through this webpage you will also be able to see Council meeting minutes. If you have specific concerns or ideas that you want the Alumni Council to consider, please submit them to me at

We hope you will continue to connect to Kenyon virtually as you are here on this webpage and physically through regional activities, reunions and the many other ways we all convene. There are many ways to measure the greatness of a place like Kenyon. We have received accolades for the physical beauty of our campus, the exceptional education and experiences offered to our students and the quality of our alumni. But we can also measure Kenyon’s greatness in the deep involvement and commitment of its alumni.

We hope you will join Kenyon's online community—the easiest way to stay informed about events, people, and volunteer activities. Through these web pages you'll find links to your class Web site, your Regional Association, Kenyon publications, and access to Kenyon Facebook pages. You can also share your stories and memories of Kenyon on line at

Thank you for staying connected with Kenyon!

Shared with Purple Love,

Susan Berger ‘85
President, Alumni Council