Kenyon College Alumni Council

Dear Fellow Kenyon Alumni,

Your reading of this web page reflects the fact that you are in the small and distinguished company of individuals who are members of the Kenyon College Alumni Association – a group presently 17,000 strong and growing. The greatness of a college can be measured in many ways, but there is perhaps no better indicator than the involvement and commitment of its alumni. While much has changed at the College over the years, the faithfulness of Kenyon's alumni remains constant, and Kenyon's rise in prominence during the past decade is evidence of the significance of our contributions.

As your elected representatives, the Alumni Council takes great pride in serving as your voice in advising the Administration and students in ways to grow and strengthen our alma mater. We remain focused on connecting alumni to the College and to each other. Council's membership spans six decades of graduating classes, and is a diverse cross-section of all that is Kenyon. Please take a few minutes to meet your members of Council and review our mission statement. Through this webpage you will also be able to see Council meeting minutes as well as upcoming meeting agendas.

If you have specific concerns or ideas that you want the Alumni Council to consider, please contact me at

Consider the many ways you can keep Kenyon and your classmates in your life. The Alumni Council is excited to serve you and to help you stay connected to our alma mater. I hope you will join Kenyon's online community—the easiest way to stay informed about events, people, and volunteer activities. Through these web pages you'll find links to your class Web site, your Regional Association, Kenyon publications, and access to Kenyon Facebook pages. You can also share your stories and memories of Kenyon on line at

Thank you for staying connected with Kenyon!


Larae Bush Schraeder '97
President, Alumni Council