Kenyon Fund Scholars

Kenyon Fund Operating Scholars

Thank you to all Kenyon Fund and Kenyon Parents Fund donors who allocated their gifts to scholarship and financial.  Your gifts make a Kenyon education a reality for so many students.  As one of our Kenyon Fund Scholars, Benji Adekunle-Raji '17, says, "I believe that being awarded financial aid in college is a great privilege because it means there are people who want to pay for my education, people who want to see me succeed and are willing to use their resources to help me achieve my goals.  Such a humbling realization motivates me to get the best out of my education so that I do not let those people down."  Thank you.

Jennifer Vanderlinden Scholar

Caitlin Coates ’16 considers herself lucky to have been at Kenyon during the installation of President Sean Decatur because she was able to experience one of the oldest traditions of the College: the lighting of Old Kenyon. The chemistry major from Denver, Colorado, plays on the field hockey team and works as a tour guide for the admissions office, so she knows every inch of the campus. Her favorite spot: Gund Gallery, which she describes as quiet, peaceful and gorgeous.

Hannah More Scholars

Daniel Akuma ’14 from Abakaliki, Nigeria, has four years of memories from Kenyon, but one of his favorites is the surprise party the Center for Global Engagement threw for him to celebrate Nigeria’s 50th independence anniversary. The neuroscience major enjoys a wide range of activities from competing on the track and field team and volunteering in the emergency room at a local hospital to being a voice blogger for Greetings From America Radio.

Valerie Lightner ’15 says one of her favorite Kenyon activities has been sledding behind Peirce in the winter—something she had ample occasion to do this past season with its record snowfall. The Cleveland native is majoring in anthropology with a minor in history and a concentration in women’s and gender studies. She’s also active in Crozier Center for Women, the Archon Society and the Horn Gallery.

Class of 2013 Scholar

When Benjamin Adekunle-Raji II ’17 signed the Matriculation book, the connection was both sweeping and personal. He not only joined the league of thousands of previous Kenyonites who have walked before him, but also that of his sisters, whose names are signed in previous years. Adekunle-Raji, who is most recently from New York City, hopes to declare psychology as his major when the time is right, though he’s also interested in music, sociology, criminology and graphic design.

Kenyon Fund Scholars

Stephanie Fongheiser ’17 from Danville, Ohio, looks forward to the day she walks down Middle Path on her way to graduation, much as she did when she first traipsed down the pebbled path as a first-year student. The soon-to-be English major has a strong interest in studying French and Russian. She also enjoys her drawing classes with Associate Professor of Art Read Baldwin, performing in the musical “Fine and Dandy,” and playing the er hu in the Chinese Music Ensemble.

Ulises Arbelo ’16 represents how well-rounded Kenyon students are. The Miami, Florida, native is majoring in neuroscience but may add an English minor. She is on the cross-country and track teams, but also part of the Writing Center staff. Her favorite spot on campus is the package pick-up area at the bookstore, not just because it means she’s received mail (that’s always great), but because the people who work there are so friendly.

Sure, Zoe Frazier ’16 was impressed by the beautiful campus and stellar academics of Kenyon. But what really drove her to select the College was the people. One of her favorite traditions is Summer Send-Off, when all the students get together to relax at the end of the school year. The biology major from Natick, Massachusetts, plays oboe in the Knox County Symphony Orchestra and is a member of Zeta Alpha Pi.

Kantaphon Amornrat ’16 from Bankok, Thailand, usually goes by the name “Tony” on campus. He’s an economics major with a minor in neuroscience, and his favorite activities are as varied as his academic focuses. He dances in the Ballroom Dancing Club and lends his hand to service with the Archon Society. But his favorite memory (at least so far) was the First-Year Sing. While he appreciated all of the orientation events before classes started, he loved having to stand up with all of his new classmates to sing together. 

Those looking for India Amos ’17 might want to start in the study area on the third floor of Ascension, which the modern languages major says is one of her favorite spots on campus. But she’s also often at Wiggins Street Elementary School where she volunteers and works as an aid to fifth graders. The Wheeling, West Virginia, native was happy to return to Kenyon as a student and to reunite with others she met at the Kenyon Review Young Writers’ Program.

When Qossay Alsattari ’16 attended the Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Discussion as a first-year student, he knew he had selected the right college for him, describing the event as being full of critical, inspiring and intellectually stimulating conversations with faculty, administrators and students. The Ramallah, Palestine, native is a double major in economics and international studies. He is also active in the Middle East Student Association, the Academic Affairs Committee and Kenyon Students for Justice in Palestine.